Trouble looms as group announces Saraki's recall


Senate President Bukola Saraki's
constituents in Kwara Central Senatorial
District have announced plan to recall
The constituents who are acting under
the umbrella of “Kwara Must Change,”
while announcing their plans to recall
the senate president apologized to
Nigerians for producing such senator
for the country.
The group as part of their reasons for
demanding for the recall of the senate
president said in a statement that they
had no option that to call for Saraki's
recall after realising the damage he has
done to Nigeria.
"Realising the extent of damages done by
the man we supplied to Nigeria as our
contribution, we take full responsibility
for his stay in the senate while
representing us, though we regret his
actions," the group said.
Here is the full text of the statement:
1. We the people of Kwara State are not
happy with what we are getting from
Nigeria, but we realized that from
Nigeria, we can only get what we give.
Since we are not satisfied with the
result we are getting from the
leadership of our nation, we have
decided to review our input.
2. During the just concluded Sallah
Celebration, KwaraMust Change group
uses the opportunity of the public
holiday to meet and deliberate on the
state of the nation, as well as the
current state of things in our dear
Kwara state.
3. The leaders of our group, from across
the length and breathe of the state all
contributed to the discussion and in the
process, we heard different tales of
agony being experienced by our people
on daily basis. Tears were visible in the
eyes of many.
4. After careful consideration of all
factors that are responsible for the
stagnation of our nation’s progress, both
at the state and national level, we came
to a very sad conclusion that indeed,
what ever suffering we are experiencing
today in Kwara State is a self inflicted
one made out of wrong choices. We
voted for the wrong people, when we
should have voted for change.
5. We came to the realization that, while
the rest of Nigeria were voting change
from one candidate to the other,
bringing in new ideas and hope, we in
Kwara didn’t vote for change, we voted
for the same people rapi*g our state
with impunity.
6. Our own change in Kwara, was
supposed to be away from the corrupt
ruling Saraki dynasty, which has remain
a menace since our return to democracy
in 1999, but we didn’t vote for change
during the 2015 election, we voted for
hunger, unemployment, more suffering
and extreme hardship. The result is
what we are witnessing today.
7. Furthermore, we in Kwara,
particularly in Kwara Central Senatorial
District didn’t only voted for leader of
the dynasty Mr. Bukola Saraki to
represent us at the Senate, he is our
contribution to the nation and with him
as the head of the legislative arm of
government, we have inflicted
unimaginable damage on the psychology
of the Nigerian people by contributing,
arguably the most corrupt politician
Nigeria has today. And to make matter
worse, he became the senate President,
a sensitive position capable of
truncating any positive stride being
made by the sincere and most patriotic
anti-corruption president.
8. We are sad that our contribution to
Nigeria is the reason why the nation is
bleeding; using the position of the
Senate Presidency to hinder sincere
fight against corruption, preventing
genuine infrastructural development
through misplaced budget allocation,
while promoting fraudulent budget
padding and now holding the nation to
ransom, through acts of legislative
impunity that is capable of derailing
our fragile democracy.
9. Additionally, the leader of Saraki
dynasty, who is also the senator
representing Kwara Central Senatorial
District has abandoned his primary
responsibility of representing us in
Kwara Central. He is more concerned in
pursing personal interest, which adds
no value to our well being as a people.
His over ambition and quest for
personal enrichment is driving him nut,
leading to several questionable actions
and unnecessary confrontation with the
executive arm of government. This
selfish pursuit has now made the
Nigerian Senate abandon its
constitutional responsibility of
screening political appointment to score
cheap political point, by way of forcing
the removal of the acting Chairman of
the Economic and Financial Crimes
Commission (EFCC) through self help.
But this is not what we sent him to do.
10. Sequel to the foregoing, we would
like to state as follows:
• We sincerely apologize to all Nigerians
for electing Senator Bukola Saraki as a
senator of the Federal Republic of
• We also apologize for making it
possible for him to become Senate
President of Nigeria. We had thought
that by having one of our own as Senate
President, things would be better for us
and the country, but the reverse is now
the case.
• Realizing the extent of damages done
by the man we supplied to Nigeria as
our contribution, we take full
responsibility for his stay in the senate
while representing us, though we regret
his actions.
• We dissociate the good people of
Kwara Central from all his numerous
acts of irresponsibility and declare that
we are against the legislative rascality
that the 8th senate under Saraki’s
leadership is now known for.
11. In view of the above, it is clear that
Senator Bukola Saraki has not been
representing the interest of Kwara
Central at the Nigerian Senate. It is also
clear that he cannot represent the
interest of the people, because he
doesn’t care about the existence of the
12. We are therefore declaring that, in
line with the provisions of Nigerian
constitution, we the people of Kwara
Central under the Kwara Must Change
platform have decided to commence the
process of recall against the Senate
President to pave way for a more
responsible senator that will represent
us well, so we can begin to get better
results from Nigeria.
13. With this release, we are putting our
coordinators in the 52 wards of Kwara
Central on notice, to with immediate
effect, commence the process of recall
by assigning representatives to all
polling units within their wards in the 4
Local Governments Areas of Kwara
Central, namely Ilorin West, Ilorin East,
Ilorin South and Asa.
14. This appointment of polling unit
representatives as well as mobilization
for the recall should be completed
within the next 14 working days and by
August 1st 2017, we shall begin the
recall process properly by presenting
the recall register to the public for
collection of signatures at the various
polling units.
15. We are open to collaboration and
partnership with local associations,
community organizations, artisan union
and other civil society organizations to
ensure this recall process is successful.
16. We therefore calling on all groups
within Kwara Central Senatorial district
to join this patriotic move to free our
people from a discredited senator that is
not representing our interest in
whatever capacity, but using our good
name to cause havoc against us, as well
as the rest of the nation.
Signed by:
Abdulrazaq O Hamzat
Yusuf Olatunji
Kwara Central Coordinator
Ibrahim Olanrewaju
Ilorin West Coordinator
Mariam Oniye
Ilorin East Coordinator
Ahmed Khalil
Asa Coordinator
Waheed Abdullah
Ilorin South Coordinator
For: Kwara Must Change
The call for recall of the senate
president comes at a time when a
staunch supporter and colleague of
Bukola Saraki in the Senate, Senator
Dino Melaye is also facing recall crisis

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