See what chibok girls told Trump

Joy Bishara and Lydia Pogu, two of the Chibok

schoolgirls, who escaped from Boko Haram

captivity in 2014, read a letter applauding U.S.

President Donald Trump during a recent visit to

the White House.

The White House released more photos of the

girls on Saturday, saying during their visit, Joy

and Lyida “read the President a letter about their


On the night of April 14, 2014, Boko Haram

terrorists attacked the Government Girls

Secondary School in Chibok, Borno.

An excerpt of the letter is below:

“Mr. President, we urge you to keep America

safe and strong.

“We know that some people are trying to

discourage you.

“Do not be discouraged. You are right to keep

American safe and strong.

“Not only for America. But for the world.

“If America is not safe and strong, where can

people like us look for hope, when there is


“Finally, we urge you to keep making America


Trump and his daughter, Ivanka, hosted the

Chibok schoolgirls during their visit, the White

House said.

The Boko Haram insurgents broke into the

school and kidnapped the girls, who were sitting

for their final exams.

“But approximately 50 of the girls have escaped,

including Joy Bishara and Lydia Pogu, who

visited President Donald Trump, and his daughter,

Ivanka Trump, at the White House last Tuesday.

“The girls are recent graduates of Canyonville

Christian Academy in Oregon, and they were

accompanied by the school President, Doug


“The President and Ivanka were both deeply

moved by the girls’ visit,” the statement by the

White House read.

The Chibok schoolgirls’ visit coincided with the

U.S. State Department’s release of its annual

Trafficking in Persons Report.

“In the wake of the report, the two

Chibok schoolgirls’ visit to the White House was

a reminder that the survivors of the scourge of

human trafficking are heroes whose courage can

inspire us all,” the White House said.

“Let us recommit ourselves to finding those still

in the shadows of exploitation, and let us

celebrate the heroes who continue to shine on

the darkness of human trafficking.” (NAN)

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