(PICS) Meets man who surgically added a pair of horns to his head


Sometimes crazy inspiration comes through, is a story of Jamaican artist who surgically added a pair of horns.

The young man in the pictures below is
a Jamaican artist, he is known as
Furtyle Brain.

He wanted to change his looks so he
consulted a Canadian surgeon who
helped with the implantation of the
horns, learnt.

The most logical explanation for this
would be to accept that the world is
indeed coming to an end.
 No one can
really understand why any rational
being would decide to have horns
implanted in his head when he is not
dressed up for Halloween.

Finding the reason for his action may
take the whole day as you may never
be able to fully understand his reasons.
Thus, trying to think like Furtile Brain
may be a futile endeavour. For
something to be described as futile
means it is incapable of producing any
useful result.

Why thinking about his reasons, try not
to wonder what could have happened
to his brain in the process if the
surgery had gone wrong. You never can
tell, the horn may be a source of
inspiration to him for his musical

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