Man kills 19 to cover up deaths of his parents


A twenty- eight - year- old man admitted
killing 19 people, including his parents
and three children, when he went on
trial in southwest China on
Wednesday , the court said .

After returning to his home village in
Yunnan province on September 28 last
year, Yang Qingpei murdered his
parents when they refused to give him
money , the Qujing City Intermediate
People’s Court said on its official
microblog account .

Fearing he would be discovered, Yang
then killed 17 of his neighbours and
fled to Yunnan’ s provincial capital
Kunming , it said , adding that the
murder weapon was a pickaxe .

Yang, who was born in 1989 , pleaded
guilty to all charges and apologised to
the relatives of the dead , it added.
The court adjourned Wednesday
afternoon for sentencing .

While mass killings are rare , violent
crime has been on the rise in China in
recent decades as the economy has
boomed and the gap between rich and
poor has expanded rapidly.

Studies have also described a rise in
the prevalence of mental disorders ,
some of them linked to stress , as the
pace of life becomes faster and
support systems wither.

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