Oyo state to install CCTV cameras


THE Oyo State government will install close

circuit television (CCTV) cameras in 

locations across the state. 

The move, the governor said, would place Oyo

among the league of states and communities

under the “safe city project”.

Ajimobi spoke in Ibadan, the state capital, when

he hosted the United States (U.S) Ambassador

to Nigeria, Mr. Stuart Symington.

Addressing the ambassador and his entourage,

Ajimobi said the state, hitherto known for

violence and brigandage, changed its course

when his administration came in in 2011.

He pledged to sustain the peace.

According to him, CCTV cameras will be installed

at strategic locations known to be red spots or

crisis-prone for close monitoring of the state.

Security operatives, Ajimobi said, would have

direct link to the control base of the cameras.

The governor said his administration’s efforts at

investing in the security and safety of the state

was based on its understanding that they aid


On flooding, he said the intervention and

assistance Oyo State got from the World Bank on

2011 flood helped the government in installing

early flood warning signals which have helped

prevent a recurrence.

He said: “We came in 2011 and the state was

regarded as an unsafe place. This made us

come up with our hierarchy of development,

drawing from man’s hierarchy of needs.

“We identified that the job of a government is,

firstly, security and safety. The approach we

adopted has yielded results and transformed Oyo

to be known as one of the safest states in the


“Oyo has joined the comity of states in the Safe

City Project where technology is deployed to

combat crime and ensure safety and security.

“We shall install CCTV cameras in red spot and

crisis-prone areas across the state to alert

security operatives at the central control unit for

prompt response. This measure will help our

state more secure and peaceful.”

Symington said: “My visit to Oyo State is not just

a courtesy call but a call for vision and wisdom.

My goal is to look at Nigeria from every and a

different point.

“The reason for Nigeria’s greatness is because

of its togetherness. It is a very great nation. We

will like to see how the people of this great

nation and the people of America can work

together to build a better future for the

Pacesetter State.”

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