Boy chop off penis, nearly kills mum after smoking weed

A teenager has chopped off his penis and

nearly killed his mother after smoking what has

been described as a “super-strong” strain of

Indian hemp. The delusional 16-years-old

boy from Brighton reportedly went to bed with

a knife, as he started hallucinating, fearing that


people lived right inside the walls of his room.

He woke up in the middle of the night and

stabbed his mother before he proceeded to

chopping off his own manhood in what doctors

said was “cannabis-induced psychotic


Speaking to BBC 5 Live, the boy’s

father revealed how the drug turned his

otherwise “very bright, bubbly lad” into a

paranoid “waste of space.”

“He basically had a psychotic episode and did

huge amounts of harm to both himself and his

mother,” the distraught father said.

According to the man, his son first

tried smoking Indian hemp with a few friends

before becoming “completely addicted.”

“He became delusional. He used to sleep with

a tennis racket in his bed because he thought

people were living in the wall. I remember one

instance when he was telling us all that

mermaids exist.

“At one point he was sleeping in the garden

shed because he’d been thrown out of the

house, and it was very difficult to have any

relationship with him.”

“On the night of the incident, he woke up

‘ranting and raving’ and attacked his mother at

her home before turning the knife on himself”.

The identity of the family could not be

disclosed because the boy is underage.

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