Best 10 Car (auto brand) makers so far in 2017


10. Nissan 

Nissan once again finishes in 10th place, after scoring 93 in this year’s study. Last year, the Japanese automaker scored 101 compared to the industry average of 105.
9. Lincoln


Like Nissan, Lincoln stayed consistent year-over-year with a ninth place finish in 2017. This year, Ford’s luxury division scored 92 compared to last year’s 96.
8. Hyundai

 Hyundai saw a drastic drop after rising to third in last year’s study with a score of 92. This year, the Korean automaker finishes in eighth place after owners reported 88 problems per 100 vehicles. In Hyundai’s defense, however, the company is actually tied with two other automakers.

7. Chevrolet 

Chevrolet, which also scored 88 this year is tied with Hyundai and one other automaker. Last year, the American automaker landed in sixth place with a score of 95.

6. BMW

The third automaker with a score of 88 is BMW. In 2016, the German automaker finished in fifth, ahead of rivals Mercedes-Benz and Audi. This year, it does the same.
5. Ram / Ford (tie)


One of the most improved automakers on this year’s list is Ram, rising to fifth place with a score of 86. Last year, Ram performed worse than the industry average with a score of 114.

4.  Ford

Ford also improved from last year’s study, where it finished 11th overall with a score of 102. This year, the American automaker rose to fourth place with a score of 86.
3. Porsche


Porsche slips a spot to third place this year, after finishing second in 2016 with a score of 84. The German automaker, known for its sports cars, scored 78 in this year’s study.
2. Genesis


Hyundai’s new luxury brand is off to a hot start. Genesis wasn’t represented in last year’s study, but this year it quickly rose to second place with a score of 77. The separation of Genesis models from Hyundai’s lineup likely explains why Hyundai dropped a few spots this year.
1. Kia


For the second year in a row, Kia takes top honors in the J.D. Power U.S. Initial Quality Study. This year, the Korean automaker scored 72 compared to last year’s 83. 

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